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Is Premium Octane Gas Better for Driving Performance?

Filling your tank in the winter monthsIs premium octane gas better for car performance during the winter months? Gasoline is rated by a measurement called octane, which is a measurement of fuel performance. The higher the octane, the more power can be achieved from the fuel. The engine in your car is designed for a specific octane rating. Cars that are designed for performance will typically require higher octane ratings, usually 90 or higher. Putting a lower rated octane in these vehicles may cause the engine to knock, which may eventually cause engine damage. Most cars today run on regular grade octane, 87 to 89.

Therefore, if regular grade octane is good, would a higher octane be better for my car? While a higher octane fuel will perform better for those engines specifically designed for the higher octane, there is NO real benefit using a higher grade octane if your car was not designed to use it.  Keep in mind that higher octane gas cost more money also.

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