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Seniors: Winter Driving & Safety Information

Senior Winter Driving

More and more seniors are remaining active these days and consider their car an important part of their lifestyle. Making their car more than a luxury, but a necessity. Yet, no matter how active and healthy you may be, driving during winter can be a challenge.  However, this doesn’t need to stand in the way of safe, enjoyable winter driving.

Senior drivers should follow vehicle safety practices, and take some extra precautions during the winter. Vehicle maintenance is even more important in the winter when frigid temperatures could turn a breakdown into a life-threatening situation.   So, make sure your car is up to date with all its required maintenance.  If your battery is more three years old, have it tested.  Batteries can fail without any warning.  And please make sure your tires are adequate for winter driving. Have an expert inspect your tires. For some vehicles, the best option may be winter-rated tires.

Plan and prepare before you head out during the winter. Winter driving experts agree; don’t drive in bad weather if you can avoid it. But if driving in bad weather is absolutely necessary, make sure you plan, notify friends and family where you are going, ensure your car is in top shape, take your cell phone, a blanket, bottled water, a flashlight and an emergency kit. These items should be kept in your car at all times.  You should always have emergency contact numbers with you and a road side assistance plan.  If possible, take a friend along with you.

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