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School’s Out – Teen Driving and Safety


School has ended and that means teens will increase their time behind the wheel. Summer months can be fun, but it’s the most dangerous time for teen drivers.  Here are a few tips to share with your teen driver that will help him or her stay safe this summer.

Slow down

  • Speeding and aggressive driving is the number one cause of car accidents among teens.

Watch out for kids playing

  • Be mindful and slow down while driving in your neighborhoods as most kids are outside playing.
  • Pay particular attention when backing up, small children cannot be seen in your mirrors.

Allow extra time

  • Allow extra time when traveling to work or meeting up with friends. There are more cars on the roadways during the summer months, which means you need to be more aware of the traffic around you.

 Beware of summer weather

  • Summer rains can also be dangerous. Be careful during heavy downpours and especially when it first begins to rain. The roadways can be slick during the first few minutes of a rainstorm; plus hydroplaning is a concern on highways, so slow down in rain storms.
  • Allow more distance between you and the car ahead of you.

Stay focused on the road

  • Keep your eyes on the road at all times and maintain your focus. Distractions while driving can cause accidents. Don’t become a statistic.
  • Don’t eat food, text, or on your phone while driving.
  • Be careful when changing radio stations or adjusting the air conditioner; these distractions can also cause accidents.
  • Passengers or friends in the vehicle are distractions, especially those in the back seat. Pay Attention to the Road, not your friends.

Wear your seatbelt

  • It’s a fact that seatbelts save lives.  Seatbelts are also an important part of your airbag system.  The seatbelt helps to correctly position your body when the airbag deploys, in the event of a collision.

 Become educated on basic car maintenance

  • Make sure your car is up to date with all its scheduled maintenance.
  • Check the air conditioner along with all the vital fluids  No one wants to breakdown on the side of the road. A little prevention will help keep you safe.
  • Check tire pressure periodically. Low tire pressure can cause the tires to overheat in the summer months, which can lead to a blowout.

Keep your teenager safe on the road this summer by booking a regular maintenance safety check. Contact us and book your appointment today.

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