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Is your car’s air conditioner cold enough

Car Care Summer Tip
Your Car’s Air Conditioner Not Cold Enough? Check your settings.

The garage gets lots of calls this time of year about their car’s air conditioner. On those hot and humid days, it’s easy to just figure the system up and died on you. Not so, many times the problem is nothing more than having the controls on the wrong settings.

Air Cabin Filter

Make sure the temperature is at its coldest setting, and on hot days push the recirculate button. When the air condition is on recirculate mode, most of the air flow recirculates through the system, rather than drawing in hot humid air from the outside. Lastly, if your car is equipped with a cabin air filter, it should be check at least once a year. This filter traps debris, bugs and other material from entering into the air ducts. A clogged cabin filter will affect the air flow of the air conditioner.

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