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Is Your Car Making Your Allergies Worse?

Pollen Coated Car











Soon spring will be in full bloom, and so will the pollen, dust, and pollutants that are drawn inside your vehicle through its air conditioning and ventilation systems. Hopefully, you’ve had your cabin air filters changed so they can do their job effectively and minimize the effects of the allergens trying to make their way into your car. Cabin air filters, located inside the dashboard of your car, clean the incoming air and should be replaced regularly, about once a year.

A dirty or clogged cabin air filter can cause contaminants to become so concentrated in your passenger compartment, that passengers actually breathe in more fumes and particles inside the car than when walking down the street. A clogged cabin filter will also reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. With allergy season quickly approaching, replacing the cabin air filter is a simple way for you and your passengers to breathe easier while on the road.

If your cabin filter is more than a year old, it should be inspected and replaced if needed. Not sure if your car has a cabin filter? Call us. We’ll be glad to help and let you know.

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