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Changing Your Oil in Your Vehicle

An Oil change Service Is A Lot More Just than “Changing The Oil”

Changing your oil in your vehicleThe Oil Change is perhaps the most important service you can have performed on your car. Why? Because an oil change is a lot more than just draining the oil and replacing the oil filter.


During an oil change service, a multipoint, bumper to bumper inspection is performed, checking everything from fluid levels, wiper, tires, tire pressure, lights, filters and other important safety systems.  Years back, 3,000 mile interval was the norm. With today’s modern engine technology and refinements in oil quality, this may “appear” to be overkill.  Some auto makers suggest you can go 7,500 miles or longer.  And, with synthetic oil, that interval creeps up over 10,000 to nearly 15,000 miles.

While under ideal conditions it may be possible to extend the oil change service, we need to consider the potential issues with extending the oil change interval. Years back it was common place for the vehicle owner to do an “under hood check” from time to time. Plus, all gas stations had service personnel that would check your oil and other fluids, top off your coolant, check your wipers, inspect the belts and would even adjust your tire pressure.

In essence, nearly every time you filled up your tank, a trained gas attendant would give your vehicle a quick maintenance inspection. Now, the only time your car gets “looked over” is during the oil change service or if the vehicle is at a repair facility for repair.

Tire rotations are another consideration. Periodic tire rotations, which need to be done every 6-8,000 miles, will extend the life of your tires and maintain vehicle handling and performance.

We no longer have service stations. Today we find self-serve gas stations with convenience stores and hardly anyone checks their own oil anymore, let alone other vital fluids. In addition, there are no longer any convenient places to go to check your tire pressure. For these reasons, the Oil Change Service becomes essential with respect to driver safety and proper vehicle maintenance.

We should not be fooled by the hype that modern oils can last a long time, thus the changing the oil is a waste of time and money. Nor are we saving the planet by extending the oil service interval. We can save more fuel, increase driver safety and reduce emissions through periodic oil change maintenance services that produce safe, efficient running vehicles and by simply maintaining tire pressure.

In summary, the oil change service is a lot more that changing the oil.  The oil change service keeps you safe on the road, extends the life of your car, lowers repair costs by spotting problems early and even maintains fuel economy, all of which reduce costs over time.

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